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"Masterfully conveyed, Leonard's message is deceptively simple- somehow everything connects. In common with much of the greatest photography, his work celebrates the awesome power of the medium to lift the veil of perception in our everyday lives. These seemingly disparate images, on closer inspection reveal a jewel-like matrix of inter-related moments. This is poetic narrative at its very best."
David Williams - Photographer & Head of Photography, Edinburgh College of Art
"Leonard's own work is more than capturing shapes, as the raw emotion he displays...clearly demonstrates."
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Moira Jeffrey. The Herald. Glasgow (UK): Mar 11, 2006
"I think it's remarkable. I think he's more than just a little, I think he's incredibly talented. He has a very rare way of weighing and understanding color, being able to use it in compositions intelligently and not just for the brightness of colors."
William Eggleston - Photographer
"His photographs drew my attention because they told a story; it was as though we had gone on a ride to places identifiable or not, full of characters like puppets, of landscapes, skies and silences. A story without a perfect plot and that we could better describe as a dream trip in which we discover the world that the photographer has created.... We are not dealing with documentary photography, tied to any 'cause' conceptual, it does not 'illustrate' an idea, it does not seem to me to have been made expressly as 'auteur' photography - but it could hold some of all these characteristics. The fact is that the photographer, or better to say the artist, the author shows us a a personal work without ties to this or that tradition, a very free photographic essay, very particular and if I may say - original."
Joachim Paiva - Brazilian photography collector writing about Leonard's series: "real pretty toast"